At thursday 43#M

i am going  to poll my tooth out.


Until the evening 42#M

evening was okay. Then i did get again strong pain in my tooth. Again because it did happen 2 days ago. But it won’t go away any more from then. Now i am eating three kind of pills. And the dentist did told me that i need to get root tunel. Which will cost me 600 $ dollars. So easily my budget is going down rushing toward zero. Maybe i will have to go home already next month. I can not beleiwe,…, but  i will have to start search for airline ticket and dry storage for Tereza in Guatemala.




The dark area on the photo above is draging me on my knees.

Now i am on point when life is becoming chalange. It looks that i will have to go to Cancun to bay me an mixer. For now it would be better if i eat only fluid food. Maybe i will have to risk and go on as it is.

O .. O…. i can not find the video on my USB key. Maybe i will upload it from Tereza later.


And here it is:

Sailing again.

And as you my see on the video the day was not so bad until tooth pain in the evening. I will say here that I do not care what some guys might think about. It is big responsibility to have people onboard. And it takes brave  heart and clear mind. I will repeat here being captain is a big think.

I know it would be good to wait and think more about what worlds would be right to use here. But no time for this, Terezas batteries are more important. Tereza is my life. So I will have to finish this post now.

just another thing. I want to say hello Corbin 39 Owners Group on this opportunity. And also i will add, that i am happy to had made  decision to buy the Corbin 39. Because even  from the small experience which i have got until now i will say that is great boat. And that it was right choose.



Only to let you know 41#M

that nothing new  is going on.   The pump for salt water, which I gave to rewire at Cuba is overheating. I have to go on the mast again tomorrow. The upper part of navigation light did despaired. Anchor light do not get power. And so on… Always something. Not only something, But a lot of it.

I did bought me a strong led light and did put it provisory on deck  to be visible at night. There are a lot of fishing boats going around at night.

If somebody has underwater camera, which does not need. I would be happy to have it. I have a great camera but is not like a fish, it has lungs and not gills.

And…maybe I will have to go to dentist.

And I did charge Terezas batteries yesterday. I was motoring all morning until batteries were up to 14,3 volts.  They do hold  voltage now.

I did drink my tea and I am ready to go into bead.

And here is the video 40#M

. It was 6 hours of work. It is about the sailing. And not about being pussy.

Not yet.

It says 58% and 59 min  more.

And here it is:

From Isla Mujeres to Cancun

Battery problems 39#M


I was sailing around,…, between Isla Mojeres and Cancun yesterday. It was south wind. Nice.  Tereza is going good. Actually weary good. I had to go in the  wind down way with all sails fully open and then back at 8.5 knots of max speed.

I have to climb on the mast as soon as possible, because my anchor signaling light is not working. And left main winch is not working also. I have to open it, clean  it and put grease. Many thinks also did get rusted on deck. I have to admit that i am becoming lazy.  And i have strange attitude to rusted things. I do not understand it exactly what is going on in my brain about it. It is that i like rust.

And i had a dream last night. It was about romance affair . I did get humiliated at the end from a nice looking and determinant girl. I had come out, if i could say without  worry to insult,.. as pussy.

I have to add something here today. 38#M

Yesterday i was to cold. I was like north wind.  I did say that i like north wind. I was saying it more because i was forcing me to believe it. And … but  it was not working exactly . Then i did light the candel. I did put it next to bed and did  fell asleep. This morning i woke up with light. There is big difference now. It was that i had to do something. It does not work like magic. Just to think and state shifts. For me i had to do also something to make things become true.



I like wind on Isla Mojeres 37#M

Tereza is ok. This wind is nothing for three anchors.

I did some technical things today. And…now i am cooking soup.

The wind is strong 36#M

and it will get stronger at tomorrow  night (see my position by clicking on My position in main menu).



My main anchor is Rocna (blue text is link). On same chain i have Bruce in tandem. And also on the rope i have Danforth.  Now is rope that is holding more as you may see on the picture the rope is tense as guitar string. In afternoon wind will change direction 20 degrees east and it will become much stronger. Then rope should get lose and the chain will get on load.



And i have good news. It looks i did manage to stop water penetrating with next:


Stefan which has boat maintenance bushiness here on island has told  me about. This is the trick which i was looking for.

I am now more stronger with diving almost each day under Tereza. Little by little and Tereza will stay dry. It has almost become a routine. As i am fishing each day in the morning. I have find a way to meditate while fishing. Actually i did learn this technique when i was at Vipassana course for 10 days last winter in Tuscany. Just few words about it. I have to concentrate to feel air  between nose and mouth while breathing. Then i stretch my spine by moving gently and slowly my chin back.  Next is to move around the body by training to recognize any feeling. And that is it.

Wind has become stronger.I have to stop writing and go on deck. Still i think i will not have to take pills for seasickness.

Cold front is coming 35#M

this night. With strong wind. Will anchors hold?

Probably i do worry to much.

I have got propane tanks buck today 34#M

so if i would like to, i could go south. From time to time i can feel impulse to do that.But lets wait some more. Maybe i will get right material to work under water to  stop definitely water leaking. Yesterday i did try again with fast curing 5200, but everything did fall down. Another reason to feel depressed, but… show must go on. I mean in general.
Also…, the carnival is going on. There is parade on main road. I am going there now. Befire that lets share some photos more. I was little around the island today.




And you know another thing , i want to share with You my lunch today. Once in the back i had feeling as i have now that i am becoming boring. So let me finish and i am leaving.






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