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I have problem on connection of propeller shaft #B20 and #1P (People) sz2

I have problem on connection of propeller shaft. There is to much play in point illustrated with red arrow. On the link does cost 79$, but here in Guatemala they want 300$ for it.



And next is for Citroen club from Slovenia.


Lights on Tereza #1Pil (Piloting) sz2

To let you know that i am still not  in water and that i do not have any good news, and  not any bad too.



The white light on the top is anchor light. It has to be on when boat is on anchor. Then there are green and red light on the top for top piloting lights. They are for open sea. Below in center is a motoring light. And then just below of it is central deck lightning  with two others on each side. They are for no piloting purpose, but in needs of lightning of deck.  Then  lower  piloting lights. They need when you are piloting in ports.


Days are passing by #25M sz2

Engine is reassembled.  But still up. Because i can not then extract the propeler shaft  once i release it down.

I can not decide, if check the propeler shaft if it is bent or not. To do that i have to extract the shaft.

I was today revising anchor windless system. I am almost done. Still i did not put all sails on. And i have to rewire piloting and other external lights also. Some job wind-wane avtopilot and wind generator and….


I do not have much time for me.  But i do not need it.  I am Okay.


Lucky me in this case. #19B sz2

I have got one second hand oil pump for 50$. And it is still good according to next test:

I could not insert measuring  feeler gauge of 0,003 and 0,002 was going hardly.


Corresponding to data (minimal  lover and maximal upper value)  in red elipse below i am OK.


My old pump did failed  all tests.

(A:”Do you want one beer?”  B: “No i am OK.”  A: “So what?! You are telling that i am not Ok?”)

I have got – 0.01 inch bearings also #18B sz2

in Gutemala city yesterday.  Now i am looking for oil pump. (and in Gutemala and Carribeans Countrys are using American mesurmen units. 1 inch is = 2.54 mm)

I have now standard and -0,01 now: (check my previous post:  things are becoming little complicated. I did polish second bearing surface area on crank shaft using water sanding paper)

And here on my blog is hard for me to make things clear for  readers. I see now,  if you – Iztok can not understand me, then nobody can. In general i should leave technical details apart and write simple content. And i can tell, things are much interested in general then i can transmit it to you here. And i know how to write to get public attracted. But i am not doing this blog for others. I am writing for myself. It is my journey in outside world and inside world. I am learning how to control my life. When life is full of tasks and people and of researching. Is fascinating how it works. It is magic.



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