Only to let you know 41#M

that nothing new  is going on.   The pump for salt water, which I gave to rewire at Cuba is overheating. I have to go on the mast again tomorrow. The upper part of navigation light did despaired. Anchor light do not get power. And so on… Always something. Not only something, But a lot of it.

I did bought me a strong led light and did put it provisory on deck  to be visible at night. There are a lot of fishing boats going around at night.

If somebody has underwater camera, which does not need. I would be happy to have it. I have a great camera but is not like a fish, it has lungs and not gills.

And…maybe I will have to go to dentist.

And I did charge Terezas batteries yesterday. I was motoring all morning until batteries were up to 14,3 volts.  They do hold  voltage now.

I did drink my tea and I am ready to go into bead.

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