I have rubed it down to gel coat #14

And that is a problem, because water can penetrate trough anti-fouling  and through gel coat and it will get boat blisters.  Probably i will have to put  primer paint. Denis from marina has moved stands (orange) to other position to let me continue. On the pictures below red is anti-fouling. Gray is primer. And  cream is gel coat.

problem   gel koat


I was asking my naighbor Jonatan if #13

he is using some drops for eyes to clean eyes from the dust. And he was answering  : “No , just water”. And after two showers i can also do it and  it is just fine. After finally all was done by hand tools i have begun  sanding with machine. I will see tomorrow if it won’t rain. If all will be done  with sanding then i will be ready – exactly one week  after start to paint first layer.


I was working to 10 PM #12

with light. And i am not at the end with the bottom jet, but i have just two hours and i am quit with hard work. I have bought me bottom color this morning. 350$ for five gallons. Johan and Patrick had to go to Sailor Exchange shop, so i have got the ride and i have my color now.
I was sitting in cockpit before. It was already night. Sitting alone in the silence. I was trying to imagine. How it will be on the ocean.
Big waves. Boat going up and down. Growl of ocean and wind. And then smooth water. Sun close to horizon. Birds flying and making noise.


Work, work and work #11

it is only  way so i can get back into water soon.  I did right 1/2 of bottom rubbing today. So i am gonna to rest now: to be strong tomorrow.


“I have a lot to learn” #10

about everything is what i learned today.  I have meet new people from the morning on. Patrick has showed me about bottom works that i have to do before putting the boat back in water. I can not talk about it now, because i have forgot all the terms. And there is my good neighbor Ray. We have took a look to Teresa and discuss about what do i need for solo sailing. And in the afternoon i had appointment with Captain Rick. He have  license for  captain  services. He has showed me essential about the water system, about electricity and toilets on Teresa. And he had me explained what kind of main sail do i need for solo sailing.

Today i did very little physical work.  Before evening i made little trip with bicycle to buy me some food and i have meet “beautiful” grasshopper.


Left side #9

is done. ( Once you click on the picture You should also get “+” in a circle and by moving cursor over the screen; by clicking  You may get picture zoomed in particular point)


With simple tools.


And i do not feel any pain in my arms but my knees does hurt. I have left some spots where  i will have to sand  with  machine. Anti-fouling (color which prevents algae to attach to boat bottom) was so hard attached to primer (color which prevents water entering  to fiberglass hull) on the gel-coat (boat color), that i would hurt primer down to gel-coat, by hard rubbing.



Actual bottom paint has to be rubbed down #8

and new anti-fouling color has to be done.  Today i did 1/4 of surface. I have used a simple chisel. Later i will use some machine to make surface smoother. I am not in the mood to write today. Nothing wrong. I will raider enjoy an book. I am searching on internet  for color now.


No more car rental #7

from now on. I have returned the car at 11:00 PM at JAX airport.   And from today on, my intention was just to pay car rental which is 137$ for a week without insurance .But they have explained me, that by not paying of insurance i will have to pay damage on the car, even if some-other person  causes the accident.  I was calculating how much chances exist to be involved in car accident and i could not get to conclusion. But then i returned  to the root of the problem. “Do i need a car? ”  “No”.   So, i had payed for last week 520$ and  took bus to Jacksonville downtown and then another to Orange park. And then i have bought me a bicycle. But… I was drawn back to marina in the rain and it was already night. When i have seen lightnings coming closer i have seen my car for an moment in my head and just turned on the yard at first house where i had seen people. I have explained to Antwan on U.S. 16 toward Green Cove Springs what was happening and offered him a symbolical award to take me to marina.  He accepted and ewer thing has turned ok.


My new home #6

And this is my new home.

new home


I have spent all my afternoon is searching of cylinder gas which would fit Terezas box meant for that propose.  And then at the end i have bought one  without sense, when i was  buying  bedding to make me my first night comfortable as possible. When i will find right dimension cylinder gas i will use this for outside grill.  But i have to begin to cook now. I do not want to eat hamburgers any more!! Then I have bought also a fan.  I do not have air conditioner and in the boat  is 33.1 degrees of Celsius  and is almost midnight.


Tereza can sleep  six people.  I have made bed from table.  I have bought me blanket from 100% Egyptian cotton. Just to make me feel that i am taking best care of me. Sailing boats have option to make bed from the table. I am sleeping in the salon. I need to feel open space now when i am alone. Cabins are small. But  human company will catch away feeling of paranoia of closed spaces. Now i am already to tired to write something reasonable any more. Good night my friends.



“Nazdravje” to my friends harpy birthday to  Dean.

dejan BD

My keys #5

I have some of my papers already done. I am again in Jacksonville. I have got keys of the boat. But i have come  too late to move Tereza from storage to boat yard. I have to pay 0,50$ for foot for day.  Around 20$.  And 35$ for electricity and water for month. Then i can live aboard.


People with houses on the coast of Florida sometimes have their own dock.


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