Slowly getting somewhere #8B sz2

I am now  at the point when i am getting  a vision how work on Terezas bottom will be complete.



Boat is not good, #17M sz2

if you do not put any blood in it.


But it is nothing. Just a scratch.  I did cut myself on propeler. And i did want to stop working, because plastic would get hard, and i would have to throw it away in garbage.


First layer of fibreglass #7B sz2

In next video you may see the result of beginning of my work with fibreglass. It was the first layer. And at the end of the video i am introducing my new neighbors.

To return to the question “Why am i doing this?” Why am i writing the blog?

I am feeding need of my ego. I need to be admired. It gives me satisfaction. I can also express it as, that i suffer because i see world is suffering. And i can not stand  without doing nothing. As i know that individuals are helpless i am building a connection.

In memory of  Tereza. My grandmother.


Statistic of visitors on my blog from 15 of january #5P sz2



( click on photo to enlarge)

I can see that i had the most of visitors at 18 and 25 of january. When i was checking why i could see that i did upload two videos at that time. And it looks that both of them have better potential than others. Yes , i am always forgetting to say that i did had find my camera. It was in internal pocket of my small bag. I did find it out when i was looking to find a brush after returning from shopping. What to say now. I am feeling uncomfortable that i did such a drama. I am not sure if i am trying at my best. Yes, I am i know that.
And i my see that in general traffic on my blog is slowly increasing. I am working on it – to get your attention.
I will answer to this question in the next future. I am going to work now. And back to what makes me happy.

(Pleas, thake  a look back three posts: Jasna and Jim did sent me some photos.)

In 10 days #6B sz2

of working i am now at:

Horror, porn and comedy movie #5B sz2

In this video was set almost ewerything exept chanin. But only wtching it i did noticed  its epic value.

I was actor in a theater for couple of years. Here is the link for the play where i was playing “The world ruler” (Peter Lovrecic). I was owner of  medicine pills corporation and i was giving a bribe to the main autority in pills distribution to launch my anti depression pills. My sun did hate me, my wife was overusing anti depreson pills and my lover did  report me to police inspector. But i did manage to escape to an Pacific ocean island in time. It could be a good Holiwood movie.See picture gallery on the bottom of page.

I did meet today Nike #4P sz2

from Karl (her sailing boat). She’s the one of some things that did bring me to point to buy me a sailing boat. Here is the link to her web page. And her first episode video. She was teling me that Karl was facing Tereza here in Ram marina.


I have also pleasure to know in person Jasna Tuta, which stays with hers partner Rick on sailing boat Calypso. I did met her in 2013 in Izola (Slovenia), while she had travelogue lecture about living on a sailing boat. If you wonder where i did got the inspiration. ( ” Jasna, thank you for pictures and your support.”)




At Isla Mujeres (Mexico) i did meet Sherly Carter. I think that she is one of greatest persons that i ever had honore to meet..  Here is her blog.


At isla Mujeres i did also met Jim from Sanibel. He did bring  me to my first snorkeling adventure in Caribbean sea. Click here to get to his blog. Jim just did  sent me photos yesterday (“Thank you Jim”).




And my friends Daniel and Angela Cheloni from Brazil on Teasa (blog here). They have an pizzeria. Maybe one day….


I have find great help from Thomas #3P sz2

in Ram marina. He knows much about boats. He is saying: “I am helping you and someone else will help me.”
I could take also love in the same way:” I am giving love to you. You are giving it to someone else. And in the end love will come back to me.”
I will talk about my last night dream now. I was pooling one long snake for tail out from an wall in one hole in which i was (i do not know way). At one moment some thing did make noise on the tree. I did saw then that it was one much bigger snake coming down from the tree. Once it was passing in front of me she did stop. And was smelling.  I was freezing. I could not run from the hole. At one moment the snake did begun to crawl forward. And i was released. But still waiting for snake to went away, to be save and get out from hole, snake did turned back and soon i could see that she had got legs then. And with head with intelligent face expression. This time she did looked directly in my face and begun to smelling me and getting closer. And i did close my eyes waiting to be biten. But the lizard did begun to lick me. And it did stop and wait. The thought that she want me to open my eyes, to let me see when she will hurt me. And at some point i did tought, i should open my eyes and face her . But i did not and i did wouk up.

While i am waiting video to upload.


And here it is the video where Thomas is teaching me about doing fiberglass work on boats:



I am eating at the same place #2P sz2

already  for third day today. It is just next to road.People is walking by. It is cheap and i am meeting local people there.


You can make a comment #1P sz2

as Aljosa did two posts ago (under the post you my click on ” leave a comment”):

Ola dude
All the best on your journey! You are not alone 🌞I’m enjoying reading yours post and can imagine yours decisions.
We personally don’t know eachother, there will be still time in future to drink something when (if) you’ll be back. You went earlier than I tought… Nevertheless, try to enjoy and understand life as it come.Vse dobro vsem

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