The wind is strong 36#M

and it will get stronger at tomorrow  night (see my position by clicking on My position in main menu).



My main anchor is Rocna (blue text is link). On same chain i have Bruce in tandem. And also on the rope i have Danforth.  Now is rope that is holding more as you may see on the picture the rope is tense as guitar string. In afternoon wind will change direction 20 degrees east and it will become much stronger. Then rope should get lose and the chain will get on load.



And i have good news. It looks i did manage to stop water penetrating with next:


Stefan which has boat maintenance bushiness here on island has told  me about. This is the trick which i was looking for.

I am now more stronger with diving almost each day under Tereza. Little by little and Tereza will stay dry. It has almost become a routine. As i am fishing each day in the morning. I have find a way to meditate while fishing. Actually i did learn this technique when i was at Vipassana course for 10 days last winter in Tuscany. Just few words about it. I have to concentrate to feel air  between nose and mouth while breathing. Then i stretch my spine by moving gently and slowly my chin back.  Next is to move around the body by training to recognize any feeling. And that is it.

Wind has become stronger.I have to stop writing and go on deck. Still i think i will not have to take pills for seasickness.

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