The name of my channel on Youtube is Srpinkladivo #1Y (Youtube)

And my channel.

Take it as it comes 26#M

I should learn.


Every new day i feel stronger 54#B

Toady i had no time for eat. Now i am cooking pasta. I had no time also for pictures.

Wind stering system has #44

to be modified in some details and will be ready for Teresa.


I am thinking that is time to start with practicing of piloting. It is that i am not so afraid any more.

My viza expires at 30.october. Until then i must be  on Bahamas.  I will probably have to  stop there. I can not go directly to Cuba  because of strong sea current.

I know it is  not easy to understand what i am talking about from so small amount of information that i am giving.  Let me say that it will come time for fun.  And….

…  and today something  strange did happened.  I was having fun working on stupid sit for kayak.

It was one #42

of that days when nothing is going well.  And also nothing terrible went wrong. Just…

Radar #41


How does it work?

And i have also ran the engine for one hour. It runs well.



My batteries are dead #39

Now i am sure. Or maybe not.

My beauty #37


Today i went on mooring. Hobart did help me.


I did some tests with WHF radio and i was looking to find out about safety equipment.

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