Tereza is waiting to go on

now for almost 2 years alreday.

Last sight of Tereza.

Isn’t the time to raise the sails again coming?



Summer is over. And a circle of life is going on.


Happy birthday Tereza.

Tereza has today 3 years.

Tereza i do miss you.

New registration papers are here.

I need them for cruising permit, to be legal in Panama. I will send copy to some guy who will fix it for 30$.
But i do not believe that Tereza will go in water this year.


Trip to “Velika planina”

Sunny Sunday. Some clouds. Bicycle and walk into mountain. And in general no changes. What is means nothing bad is going on. What means things are going better. The simple logic.


I have moved to Ljubljana


because of work.

I was dreaming about Tereza. That i am bringing her back to USA for sell. For the last voyage.

There are some changes

but in general nothing new with Tereza.

I did get me a new job. Great team. I will work to keep it.
I just wont to thanx some of you which are supporting me.

…. thank you for your love.

I am still without any job

I am looking to be engineer somewhere in Europe . For now no success. But in meantime i am working on development of MyObjectNote  at www.3eyeobjects.com             

It is spring that is coming

and also because of friends and enemies that I am enough strong to come back.

Before i go on, pleas read summary of Terezas story.

It is now one hour already that i am looking through window to guess my future, … and past mistakes are rising from memory. Overwhelming all.

Guiding me to get to conclusion that there must be some connection between struggle and misfortune … blinding me to not see the bright side. Essential questions about the fate and faith are still not clear to me. Still at 46 of age.




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