Blue #18

I am in process of acquiring of quotations for spare parts to send them forward to shipment agent and to Panamanian customs officers.
Meanwhile I am painting the engine part by part.

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Terezas engine and Panama #15




Island and Tereza #14





Courage #13


I will try to rebuild the engine #12





Permiso de navegacion para naves de placer #11

Cruising permit for pleasure boars


And on land way of transportation


Water in the engine #10


and it is my fault. Click on picture to enlarge and check the ear intake.

To run the engine   I had connected  pipe of marinas water supply to engine water cooling system.

It can not been done in this way. The pressure is to high. Water pressure has the potential to penetrate inside of engine through  pump sealing. Probably it would be fine as it was in Guatemala when I did the same. But this time I had not done the work at once, but instead  I waited for rain to finish.

Engine has to suck the water. I could use some tank, which I could fill as needed.

What now. I don’t know.

Am I disappointed, frustrated. Ja , but I am over.

You know some people likes to swim in the crystal water, but then some others like to solve problems.

Dostojevski said:  “The worst for man is to not have any problem!”

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