Battery problems 39#M


I was sailing around,…, between Isla Mojeres and Cancun yesterday. It was south wind. Nice.  Tereza is going good. Actually weary good. I had to go in the  wind down way with all sails fully open and then back at 8.5 knots of max speed.

I have to climb on the mast as soon as possible, because my anchor signaling light is not working. And left main winch is not working also. I have to open it, clean  it and put grease. Many thinks also did get rusted on deck. I have to admit that i am becoming lazy.  And i have strange attitude to rusted things. I do not understand it exactly what is going on in my brain about it. It is that i like rust.

And i had a dream last night. It was about romance affair . I did get humiliated at the end from a nice looking and determinant girl. I had come out, if i could say without  worry to insult,.. as pussy.

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