Guanaja in 3 days #3E sz2

I am again  international.  Klaus did accept to give some information about the island in next video. You will get a bit about what this island is in it. Great nature. Perfect environment.

And about the people.You can be whatever you want here. There is  only one role: “Do not make problem to other person”.



And …. Tereza has 2  years.  On 22.8.2014 i did got the keys.

Happy birth day Tereza.



Video o izogibanju pred dezzjem #18S sz2

Eno nevihto sem dozzivel, ko sem ssel stran iz Gutemale. In to ponocci. Pihalo je tako moccno, da me krmilo ni ubogalo dokler nisem possteno stopil na gas.
Zato sem sedaj gledal kako se izogniti pred nalivom. In mi je uspelo kot boste videli vnaslednjem videu.

Se opraviccujemm za ss zz in cc. Ampak sem na neslovenski tipkpovnici.

Guananja je tretji otok Hondurasske skupine Bay islands #2E sz2



Danes sem bil na Michael rock vrhu. Konccno enkrat da sem prissel na svoje. Da lahko hodim svobodno po gozdu.
Je blo skoraj isto kot da bi ssel na Slavnik.

Tale video, ki se sedaj trenutno sse nalaga pa je iz Utile. To je prvi otok, drugi je Roatan in sedaj sem na Guanaji. To je ribisski otok, brez veccjih hotelov. Vecc bom pisal prihodnje. Torej ta video izstopa iz norme, ampak tudi to mora bit. Naj vas ne bo strah, v prihodnje se bom izogibal podobnim situacijam.

In tu je video>

Hurikan je mimo #17S sz2

Karto za domov sem malo prej prestavil na 19.september.
Kaj da komentiram: ” Tereza gre naprej!”

Od zdaj naprej pišem v Slovenščini #54M sz2

Če hočeš videti še bolj solzast konec (kopiraj spodnji text v brskalnik):

One day in summer of 2014 at the Slovenian coast #13Pe

My PC is making me troubles. No sound and graphic card. I am so nervous that is better if i quit now.

Video about an relaxing point on earth #33M sz2

where i am trying to send next message:

“If you come to visit me, you will may enjoy tropical park with swimming pool for free, because you are crew member of Tereza.”

But you will tell: “Tereza is not working”.
Yes i know. You are right. Will i manage to repair the injection pump?

And for information: To insert Slovenian subtitles it did took me 4 hours.

But for video editing i did not have to worry. My camera person was almost perfect.

Complications #27B sz2

Next video should  tell enough about the problem. I can get me new washers but, if the vibrations are to big i will brake everything – not only the washers.  I have to get me also new motor mounts to eliminate the vibrations. The situation is serious.



On the trip to Utila island in Honduras #7S sz2

I know some people who can always turn any bad situation into something good.

This is an video about exploring Rio lampara river in the jungle #6S sz2

it is from last year, but i did not make it public yet until now. The work on rib installation is going on. It should be over today. Will see.

This is something to keep you interested on my trip. It is that i do not have nothing concrete to tell now. But i am getting me ready to write about freeonbluewater philosophy. I was on the way to do it this morning, but something else did come out. I was contacting some of my friends and …. Now is little to late to start such a big thematic. I have to return on Tereza, cook me a breakfast and start to work. I will do me pancakes today. so have a good day. Yes, and i will say hello to people at Cimos. I was working there for many years and i have many friends there.

See you.

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