Scuba diver did some job 28#M

on the bottom of Tereza today and he will go on tomorrow. I have got special material to use in water for stopping of water to penetrate. And also the good news is that he did gave green light for continuing.  I was experiencing being happy after qutie a long time. And maybe you might see on picture i have got my weight back.  It will be soon 2 month from the accident.

So tomorrow the saga will go on. In case i will not be able to get internet any more  here in Cuba you will have to wait until Mexico.



I could not get 27#M

the guy for under water work today. I did run out of propane. I have flat  tire on my bicycle. I did read an book for some time and a have forgot to mention that i did configure me new navigation system with PC . I am also working on weather forecast faxing over radio.

But what is most important  to tell,..,my heart is telling me go on.

I am waiting to be sure what to do.26#M

Each day is 20$, but it does not matter, because if i take Tereza out here i believe i will have just enought money to bring her to Rio doulce in  Gvatemala and buy me ticket to go home after then. I am thinking to hire scuba diver to take close look to Terezas  bottom. And then to decide. Maybe he can also do something to stop water leaking.

Here in Marina Hemingway they do not allow me to work. I must pay them.  So it can be alot. I must find me marina where i can work. But as first i must be sure to get there.




I have to talk again for hullout for Tereza. And then we will see.  I hope i will have not to go again in water withot solving for good problems of Tereza. It is hard to sail with  … toughts that i could lose ewerthing.

I did get scared from 24#M


water penetrating more that i was used. It was  before sunset yesterday. So i take i quick decision and returned back.  Maybe i should go on. But now is what it is. I hope to get  boat yard ¨chefe¨ today to fix the data of hull out for Tereza.

It is also that material  is degenerating. Water has got dark color and also it has bad smell.

It was nice this morning on sea. Wind from south and long small waves. Like bing in kids cradle.I will remember it for ever.

I am going on tomorrow 14#S

down to south West. I have good weather until suterday.

GPS is not working but i have got maps. And i can see on GPS my position and then check on map.

Wish me good luck.

Garmin SD card is corrupted 27#M

I was  googlingt about it , but i could  ask for help at Garmin,because in Cuba Garmin site is blocked.

(thanks to David and Sandi)



I have  also problem that my PC is starting in automaticaly as first choise in Windows 7 and i can not switch to windows XP with keyboard, because it is not working (look at 21#M). And i do not have drivers for SD card on Windows 7. If i could make start from XP i could use then wirtual keyboard with mouse. (to do picture above i have took keybord in hotel cibercafe)

I would like to try to use applications that San_di has suggested or maybe some other.  Tomorrow is another day.

I was busy yesterday and today to install navigation on an Samsung tablet which i have got from an Canadian tourist here in hotel, but no succes. One hour of internet is 6 doloars. Here in Cuba is not posible to buy iPhone or Samsung phones with GPS.



Take it as it comes 26#M

I should learn.


It did not last long 25#M

I was begining to  start to plan my route to Mexico and i have found out that data on my memory card  for GPS  is lost.  I can not move. What now?



Tereza has got Slovenian flag 24#M


But it is for the crew , Terezas registration papers  are still American. Maybe i should add also Croatian flag because i was born there and moved to Slovenia when i was 3 years old.

Yes, i admit i have a little of homesickness. Probably is the human nature.  And also i have feeling that something  is wrong. It must be  because  there is nothing that would eat my nerves now.

In next days  rain is coming, so i will wait, or maybe i will just go. Wind and rain together is what i do not like to have for all the way down to Mexico.. Maybe later when i will cross Pacific, but for now i would like to stay dry.

Thanks to Borut Ursic for the  flag. He has travel agency here in Cuba. I have forgot to  ask him for permission to publish link to his web page.

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