I did recheck comments from the last video #34M sz2

I did add next comment to to video in previous post. and uploaded the new version.

But before i procede here are some facts: Where? NanaJuana Hotel and Marina. How much it costs? 10$ for day for Teresa and Crew is staying for free.

Toda preden nadaljujem, naj povem nekaj osnovnih podatkov:Kje? NanaJuana Hotel in Marina.Kolikssna je cena? 10$ za Terezo na dan in bivanje posadke je zastonj.

Video about an relaxing point on earth #33M sz2

where i am trying to send next message:

“If you come to visit me, you will may enjoy tropical park with swimming pool for free, because you are crew member of Tereza.”

But you will tell: “Tereza is not working”.
Yes i know. You are right. Will i manage to repair the injection pump?

And for information: To insert Slovenian subtitles it did took me 4 hours.

But for video editing i did not have to worry. My camera person was almost perfect.

Resolving the problem with help on forum #30B sz2

Here is the link to cruisers forum: http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2130994#post2130994

And next is view from where i am sitting now. Sometimes i am thinking that i have a beautiful life, but then it comes to mind me that without Tereza, nothing has value.  If i would be around exploring remote islands and snorkeling between corals reefs with Tereza. Then i think it would be right.

It will come. Hopefully. It is that it takes lot of patience energy and discipline and faith and luck and …..


Three informations #29B s

You may get three info from next picture:


-how big is the leak from injection pump (one our of running)

-how my hand cut is healing

-how clean-dirty is my cucine


And another  picture shows the Ram marina team for hulling in-out of boats does look like.


Complications #27B sz2

Next video should  tell enough about the problem. I can get me new washers but, if the vibrations are to big i will brake everything – not only the washers.  I have to get me also new motor mounts to eliminate the vibrations. The situation is serious.



Hard times #32M sz2

I do not know what to write about. I am still working on Tereza. Now i have an diesel fuel leak on injection pump. And i can not understand exactly what is about.
“There is always something.”
I could write about my plane to go to Panama. But …. what if on the end i will not move from here. Hurricane season is approaching and my money budget is now in red numbers.
I will tell you about one story which did come to my mind.
” You will be aware of bad force chasing you. It will be just step behind you. Your hart will tremble before the end, knowing you can be turned in the rock, if you look back. Be brave, do not care and go forward because noting can touch you, if you do not look back”.

In equilibrium #26B sz2




in equilibrium




Tereza is out again #25B sz2




Today is raining. But already yesterday i could  see that  that water is not coming out from hull  under water line. That means that also water is not penetrating in  when she is inside water. Maybe i am mistaking. Anyway i have to  drain water out.

Sometimes i wish i could have special powers and see “beyond”.  Sometimes i have a filling that i am not far from it. And then sometimes i wonder, if i am crazy.

Translation in Slovenian #32Me sz2

The option to have  Slovenian translation is now in testing phase. See at right upper corner.  I will test this plugin for 10 days until i do not get something better.


Support #1Pa (Patronize) sz2

My first patron is Drago Kamenšek  (click on link) with his wife Silva.


I was writing about him last year. We did met at Cuba. I was in contact with him this morning.

I did add this topic(it will be present also in main menu under support) to my posts because i feel there are many people who likes Tereza and my story. And that they would like to see me going on. Remember that you can contact me directly on my private email: ivan.golubar@gmail.com



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