I need just water and diesel 8#S

Tomorrow i start.

As i was telling before check for last news on “fobw sailingaround” on FB.

And click on my location in main menu to see  my actual location.


I am going to Cuba 8#S


Check on FB on “fobw sailingaround” for updates.


I could not go because i took me all day to make check out documents.

But when i will go i will send short messages on FB. I have special satellite telephone for that.

There is bad weather coming, but i can not stay in America any more. My viza will be over 29.11

I will have to sew. 58#B


Nothing special. But still as i my see it will take more time that i was planing. Hope to be over tomorrow.

(And i almost forget my tandem anchoring was holding.)



Anchoring P#1 (P-piloting)

Now I have a tandem on a chain and rope anchor. In tandem I have Rocna and  Bruce  and on the rope i have Danforth

I had training with an additional anchor. I have attached  30  feet  of chain  to Danforth anchor  and then the rope. The other end of the rope i did tied to Tereza. I put it all together in  dingye. Then i  drove   approximately 15 feet away on the left from the point where main anchor was . And i  throw the anchor. Then i went  back to Tereza and and pulled the rope to get anchor to hold. After that i release the rope again. I was then checking trough the afternoon if the rope get in tension. I that case i would now that the tandem is plowing.


This is how I look now. 11#M


This is how I  look now.  The last night was windy up to 20 knots. It is hard  not to worry what would happen if anchor would not hold. And for the afternoon the weather forecast is from 20 – 25. I am listening also weather forecast on channel 1 for local region on VHF radio and they are telling about wind gusts to 35. I have 2 anchors now on one chain. I will put also another on  rope for extra security or maybe i will go on mooring.


This is the way i am anchored now. The first anchor holds the second down.


I have rubinet for drinking water. 57#B

I have replaced filter for it.There was one on the boat from before. As many other useful tools and spare parts.




Working on pipes of forward head 56#B

The pipes from  were  full of limescale.  I did a dirty but important job today. I could not use back head from beginning. I did a dirty but important job today.


On a pipe in picture above was connected all the head pipes system below. Now everything is clean.









After the rain always comes the sun. 10#M

(as my friend Alfi would say)

My new home: Dinner key marina in Coconads grove. It is in Miamai south. It is a beautiful morning. I am anchored. So i am staying for free. I am using marina internet. I have a good food market 10 min away by bicycle and Home depot shop for tools is just next to market. I have 10 days to make some work on Tereza before going on open sea. Yes, and i almost forgot i am waiting for new passport and credit cards to be made and i will let them to be sent to Slovenian ornery embassy in Miami beach. I could not give finger prints there, but i can get my post be sent there. (i have not get yet the official conformation for that yet)









I am on bus back to Miami 9#M

The voyage has begun at 8 PM and it should end at 10 PM tomorrow.  Probably i will sleep most of way as i did coming to Washinghton.

I did gave finger prints for new passport at Slovenian embassy.

There is something happening in me.  I feel time to go for real is coming.


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