Piloting of Tereza 2#P

I think I did 1000 nautical miles until now. And I feel much more confident with Tereza. I remember before hitting the reef I was scared to be alone on the boat. Before that, I was scared to death when I had to leave America while cold north front was on. But after five days of piloting, it was nothing when I did turn off the engine, while exiting the bay, with enormous waves braking toward me. The Cuban coast guard had eyes like eggs looking Tereza climbing the waves and then felling down on the other side with spectacular water explosion. I did begun to trust Tereza enough  to increase my self confidence drastically, but after hitting the reefs I did have tears in eyes after 3 second of talking about it. Next couple of weeks were hard. Then I was always listening for some new sound, which could be sign of Tereza fooling apart, even after checking the damage.  Always calculating, if new creaking sound  over the wave was little more louder that last one. It was inside of me, deep. No one could see it. And now it is over.

I am proud that I my show next vido: Piloting of Tereza.

Motoring through the Rio dolce chaneeel 21#S

It was an extraordinary experience. I should have more videos as this. I hope at next season. Some black thoughts like, that I will not get enough money and I will have to sell Tereza on the end, are coming in my mind for some time to time. And I can tell now, I do not care much any more. I am not afraid of it. Because I know it will not happen. How is that I know? It is that I know. And I was thinking that instead buying of Tereza I should buy me a house in Slovenian alps. And live there as king for some time. But… No it is not that kind of life that I want. I want the adventure. I want to fight. I want to….. explore unknown:

You can not easy get to be connected with the stream.
Can you notice the very little presence of it?
This morning.
Stay focused.

In Guatemala is 63#B

already hot 28*Celsius this morning even it is cloudy and humidity is 70%. It looks that will rain again today as it was yesterday.

I did not sleep well last night. Waking up for 10 times. Changing cabins, going on deck and finally i could sleep in the morning to 10 o* clock. Why? Because  soon i will have to say good by to Tereza.

And here is video about taking Tereza out of water.

I did not enjoy much making of it. But i knew that this moment will have to come  from 8 December 2014. But i did knew at that time that i will have then to go away. Still is not such a big deal. I will come back.

And I do not know exactly how long more i will still be active with freeonbluewater. I have some video material more to edit and to upload. But after that Tereza will probably go for summer sleep.

It is not so bad 62#B




but still i am sorry to show pictures above.

Outside damage will be easy to fix. Much more work will have to be done inside. I will have to remove all the floor to get to all cracks. I did get to  point that is no sense to go on any more. I will leave it for when i will come back. I will try to get instructions from someone in Corbins owner group. I have time all the  summer to think about it.



Tereza is ready to go ˝on hard˝ 20#S

we will se  tomorrow in how ˝bad˝ shape she is.


(remember that you can click on photo to enlarge it)

Check previous post

i did add  video.

In second marina i did not got any 61#B

problems about satisfying my wishes. And hulling is also free, but it is 225$ per month.

I am uploding one video now. Hope it will be on soon.

While uploiding,…, here are the subtuitles.

And here it is:

1.Now we are one hour away from the last port, last anchorage.
2.because tomorrow I will go and  i will search for the marina, for taking Tereza out
3.for the hurricane season and for the reparings.
4.So, in short words, story did began last year in august.

5.I did come to  America to buy me a sealing boat and…
6.i was searching from Chicago, from Michigan lake
7. down to, all the way down to Key west Florida.
8. So it was.., i do not know… it was 4000 miles circa.
9.And in Jacksonvile   in.., at  Florida i did  One morning stopped in Mc Donald
10.I did put search criteria money and how big boat i want
11.and Tereza did come up.At that time she was Voyager 14
12.And ya. After one hour and thirty minutes i was on the
13.And it was okay.
14.It was only one boat in Tampa on west side of Florida which was also good for me.
15.But it was little to big, and i was afraid how to manage42 feet big boat.
16.People were telling  38 is maximum for one person. Ok Tereza is 39, one feet more.
18.It is Corbin made in Canada in Montreal.
19.Okay maybe i am not… I’m now talking too much in general…
20.I just want to say that  the story will soon end.
21.Once that i will take out Tereza i will then…go away for six months.
22.I do not know where yet, and then after six months i am coming back.
23.I hope with enough money to go for the another season.
24.I did learn a lot.
25.Now,I think that i can now manage to sail without many big bad surprises or loses.
26.It is…. Now we are in Rio dolce Gutemala.
27.It is hurricane safe area It has many marinas..
28.tomorrow or after tomorrow
28_A And i hope to find one enough good and enough cheap
29.and after that make some plans
30.And go …out of Gutemala
31.That’s the story of Tereza for 2015
32.Hope to see you next year.
33.Little swallow has come to say hello to Tereza just after
34.anchor was set next to big bridge to Rio dulce town.
35.My swallow still have more to say,..




I was in one marina today 60#B

and it was not bad the price.  200$  for each month, and if Terezas stays for  6 months then the hull out is gratis. But then i did got to problem when i was asking to use only the blue stands and not the red one on the first picture below. I don’t want to deform the boat shape if any rib is not good attached any more as illustrated in red circle on the second picture. Now i  will have to remove internal equipment and wood bottom to check all damage.  In few days i should be sure about it.




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