I am writing about Nike Steiger #7Pe sz2



because in her last video in the time line at  2:53 you may see Tereza.

(Check lower right corner. That’s Tereza.)

Nike and Jasna have been kind of inspiration for me. I had already have opportunity to meet both of them. And i am in contact with them from time to time. As i did wrote today to thanks Nike for showing Teresa in her video. I did meet her in Ram marina. I remember me shouting :”Nike!” And her answering :”Yes”. It was magic then what filling of happiness did i feel.

When Igor –a skipper and the colleges from office, from my last job did told me about Nike i did watch couple of here videos. It was clear for me at once that i want do the same life. And i remember when he was saying maybe you will meet her somewhere. But still i did not expect to have Tereza facing Carl. I am sorry that i was not there when Nike was. I was working in Germany at that time. But still i did met her last January.

It was in summer of 2013 that i went to Jasnas lecture about sailing and living on a boat. And i did like the idea a lot from beginning. The event was going on in Izola. Jasna is coming just 20 km away from Izola; from the Italian side of border between Italia and Slovenia.
And now i realize that i did not still yet write to Jasna to compliment about the book that she did wrote together with Rick. And i will say thanks to Aljosa whom did sent me the book.

I will talk about my future now. It is more or less clear to me that i want go on. with intention to cross the Pacific. Maybe is to soon to talk about it. But you know that i am not so naive any more. Last 10 days i had time to think about it. I know now what i have to do on Tereza. After that I think i can get to Panama. So i want to go to Panama and live there. I want to find me sorce of income there. Any work is fine just to keep me going on. Last year on Isla moheres i did got ofer opportunity to work as a mechanic on boats with a guy from America which is living there now. But i did say no because it was to expensive to hull out Teresa there and i did not have money for reparings. Hurricane session will start in one month and Isla moheres is in  hurricane danger zone and i can not go there and risk to lose Tereza . And i am not sure if the guy (i will check his name later i must still have his visit card somewhere) still needs me. But maybe i will go there in winter. I have to renew contact wit him.

So. In 10 days i should be ready to go back to Utila again. Anyway as you may see i am writing more because i did got back my belief in what i am doing. I want to live on sailing boat exploring oceans. And i want to share my freedom with you. Make you know that freedom is possible. But that you have to work to get there. And maybe you will come and visit me somewhere on my path.

Else there is still my airplane ticket waiting for me on 20 June. To go back to Slovenia and work for 6 months somewhere in Germany. Accumulate money for expenses to cross the Panama channel and go to Polinesia.
To conclude:
I miss my friends and family. “I am thinking about you now each time when i am thinking about gratitude.”

Good morning from Guatemala city #6Pe sz2



Looking and hearing to the Pacific  was something that made me peaceful and happy.



Pasta con camarones did  brought me to be grateful to what i have.



This child did fulled my heart with love.


(remember you can click on the photo to enlarge it)


Pasta con camarones #5Pe sz2

I am trying to earn back my weight. So…, while i was waiting for food i did thought lets have fun and do the filming. And i did find out again that it is something that i like to do. And it makes me improve my orientation, then there is capturing the sorry itself in process. Then the communication and directing of people. And so on and on.

I think i will do it more in future.

And yes… I was on the pacific coast for last 3 days. In small village far away from civilization. With pigs walking the street, and origano plants 10 times bigger than on the Mediterranean coast. The hostel was next to pacific. I could hear waves all the time. And specially in the night time. I was swimming and siting in front of ocean for hours. And i was traveling Africa and Asia, but this was my greater experience. The ocean is so great and loud, that it was something present all the time. It was like have music in background all the time. And i did morning watching of ocean, evening walks barefoot, observing surfers and dogs running frilly trying to catch birds.

I am now in Guatemala City. I did bought something for Tereza. I should be back on Tereza tomorrow.

The video from yesterday #4Pe sz2

has different message now.

Guess where am i now 3Pe sz2

El Paredon

I am in an internet coffee and they will give me half price discount because i did upload map of their place. Still i am not sure if video will be on today.

Second video for PASS IT ON #2Pe sz2

PASS IT ON is an volunteer organization which help local people. The solar power installation was performed in a small school, which is also a community center in Es limones; an village 2 hour from the road. You can get only by foot or on a mule there.



And here is the link to first video:

Solar panel installation in Centro de salud 4#P

Atitlan lake #27M sz2

is an lake between vulcanos. Here i am searching to find some peace from worries about Tereza and i can cook in the hostel so …..  I am meeting people from all the world. And…. i have got an idea, but it is to soon to talk about.






Lake sailing video #5S sz2


Main Sail repair #21B sz2

In the last trip to the deeps of Honduras channel waters i did brake many things on Teresa. You already know about main rib. Her now i will mention also the main sail. I will tell about others as i will repair them.

Back to main sail:


In the small bay in the begging of Golfete lake, Tom has i workshop mainly for sail repairing , but he does also hard rigging and boat work in general. He did a great job in my case.





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