Yesterday there was a strong storm #12Pe sz2

I was scared to death. I did throw another 2 anchors, when i did notice that main was dragging.

I could not move away because my engine is not working- it is without injection pump now.

But to say something nice also i had a great afternoon yesterday on a Sunny ray (beautiful catamaran) with Danniel family and friends.


Lights on Tereza #1Pil (Piloting) sz2

To let you know that i am still not  in water and that i do not have any good news, and  not any bad too.



The white light on the top is anchor light. It has to be on when boat is on anchor. Then there are green and red light on the top for top piloting lights. They are for open sea. Below in center is a motoring light. And then just below of it is central deck lightning  with two others on each side. They are for no piloting purpose, but in needs of lightning of deck.  Then  lower  piloting lights. They need when you are piloting in ports.


Piloting of Tereza 2#P

I think I did 1000 nautical miles until now. And I feel much more confident with Tereza. I remember before hitting the reef I was scared to be alone on the boat. Before that, I was scared to death when I had to leave America while cold north front was on. But after five days of piloting, it was nothing when I did turn off the engine, while exiting the bay, with enormous waves braking toward me. The Cuban coast guard had eyes like eggs looking Tereza climbing the waves and then felling down on the other side with spectacular water explosion. I did begun to trust Tereza enough  to increase my self confidence drastically, but after hitting the reefs I did have tears in eyes after 3 second of talking about it. Next couple of weeks were hard. Then I was always listening for some new sound, which could be sign of Tereza fooling apart, even after checking the damage.  Always calculating, if new creaking sound  over the wave was little more louder that last one. It was inside of me, deep. No one could see it. And now it is over.

I am proud that I my show next vido: Piloting of Tereza.

Anchoring P#1 (P-piloting)

Now I have a tandem on a chain and rope anchor. In tandem I have Rocna and  Bruce  and on the rope i have Danforth

I had training with an additional anchor. I have attached  30  feet  of chain  to Danforth anchor  and then the rope. The other end of the rope i did tied to Tereza. I put it all together in  dingye. Then i  drove   approximately 15 feet away on the left from the point where main anchor was . And i  throw the anchor. Then i went  back to Tereza and and pulled the rope to get anchor to hold. After that i release the rope again. I was then checking trough the afternoon if the rope get in tension. I that case i would now that the tandem is plowing.


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