I am facing myself #42M sz2

Summary #41M sz2


I did recheck my previous post, add some links and renamed it’s category from “epilog” to “Summary”.
And you will find it also as last rubric in main menu.

It was raining again yesterday from 16;00 to 22;00. This hard rain makes me get headache.

I was working onle one hour today; sealing one window which was leaking.

I went to town for internet caffee. I did also take an book (Hypnotize yourself) with me. I will try to find me an spot where could i read. I can not concentrate.but i will have to find me a way to survive this strange times. It is only that the climate is hard now. And i am not realy used to live without anything to do.

But let me say hello to all you my friends an wish you a great day, or good ewenning, or for you in Asia and Australia “sweet dreams”.

And i did almost forgot . I did check Slovenian translation (check  squere shape with red eage line under the main photo at right side of the screen) for some of last post. Forgive me if it is still hard to read, but i am happy if you can guess the meaning.



Free on blue water #40M sz2

000 000 (1) 003

It is now the third day that I am recording wind, waves and rain picture.

I want to see after one  month. How would it be  conditions for the trip to Marquesas islands.

Some little things more, #40B sz2

but not much to do.

Just yesterday I did finish last project. Maybe some more work on engine but otherwise all is OK with Tereza hull now.




Sunday in Rio duce #39B sz2

In the morning i was working then in the afternoon i was working too. Tomorrow i will work also. Thats life on Tereza.

As Aljossa was saying (an comment from some posts back) , I will not start any new project for now. And … I can say with great pleasure that this was last work in  sanation of Tereza from reef damage.

Once Thomas will bring me engine mounts from Usa, I will change them. But he is having problems with some kind of infection after the operation on his eye. So it can be that he is not coming so soon.

As you may se things are turning on to scenario which I do not like. I will have to leave Tereza and  go home  for work.  I do not have more money to show you  sailing adventures. You will have to wait  how things will turn out in the future.

When I was coming here this year I had a plan to sale Tereza, if I would find that I can not manage to direct sailor life.  But I do not have  this information. I can  only imagin about puting sails on, at Pacific side of Panama now. And this picture is coming back to my mind again and again it is already for awhile now:

Giving me purpose and strength to go on.






Story until now…


In August of 2014 I went to USA to buy me a sailing boat.

After 20 days of searching through east cost I did find Tereza (Voyager IV at that time).

After 3 months of preparations  I went to Bahamas and back to Florida where i did lost my passport. I had to go to Washington for new passport and fingerprints.

Then in November I went to Cuba when I did hit a reef.  But damage was not fatal and I could go on to Mexico and Guatemala.  There i did  finish the storry for 2015, but i did also meet some people and made a video for Pass it on.

I went then to work at Germany.

Continue with season #2

In January of 2016 I went back to Gutemala to repair Tereza. 

After five months of reparings, in July i went to Utila. It was the first Honduras island of the Bay islands. Soon i moved to Roatan (second island) because Hurricane Earl was coming.

Then i went to Guanaja. Until now i Guanaja was my best experience as traveler on this trip. Nature, great native people and it is not a case that some of wonderful people from rest of the world  have find their new home there. At 24 of august on the 15 anniversary of my grandmothers’ death i decided to move on to complete my  second season in Panama.

Now Tereza is waiting for me in Panamarina. It is one small marina 50 miles from the Panama channel.

I am trying to find me a job as electric engineer somewhere around Europe now. I am not sure when i am going back to Tereza.

Continue with season #3

I am back to Panama back to Panama now after 2 years.

I am close to finish last project #38B sz2


on Terezas hull.

And once i change the engine mounts (i am waiting Thomas to bring me them from Usa) i will then see, if i can face the ocean.

If not i will have to reopen the engine.

My aeroplane ticket is set for 8.august now.




A critical mind would say then: #39M

( bom popravil Slovenski prevod tudi za prejssnje pisanje takoj ko bom na raccunalniku)


Why did you start this without any experience?

My last job was to find solutions for problems in the area wich many times i was not familiar with. I have experience with learning. So, i am not scared from new things.

But you did almost lose your boat and kiled yourself!

That was because i did lost my faith in myself at one point  and i surrendered to idea that i am a loser. But it will newer hapen again.

My brain IQ is xy and i do what ever i can do #38M sz 2

Everybody is wondering why i am not sailing. It is because i do not have  money to pay mechanics  to repair damage of 2 hours beeing on the reefs. I am doing it by myself.

But i can tell you how is to run on wild waters  in the channel next to Porto cortes  in Honduras.


Imagin going up an down 20 X in minute. Wind and waves making noise. Terezas cuting the waves, …  And being alone there under the stars. Try to imagin that. Take your time. Turn your TV remote controlle back into  your heart and you will see it.



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