I think the damage on crank shaft was not to bad. #17B sz2

Now the situation is like this:


But it was as next:


I was using as first 600 water sanding paper and to finish 1000 (check the table on the bottom  for bold text). Data for  600:  25,8µm= 0.00002580000 m and for 1000  0.0000183 m


As a reference to get feeling how much the scratches damage in material was i am making next calculations. Under the red elipse (picture below) mark is next standard dimension. And  the  difference between dimension is  0,01 of inch what is equal to 0,25 of milimeter = 0,00025 metre. And i was grinding down as first with average particle diameter of 0.0000258 m. What is 1/10 of difference. I did use  amount of paper which i am holding on  picture above. I hope i did  not grind to much to compromise clearance which i will have with new bearings. (Exactly How much did i grind i will know when i will put new bearings and compare this one with others).


And how did i get to the Perkins part serial number? Googling next page

from bearings number:


And what is the status now:



On bearing  above you may see horizontal line which is checking from clearance tape thread:


The conclusion my clearance is 0,003 of inch  now. What is to much. Acceptable tolerance is 0,002. And also there are deep scratches in bearings. I have to get me new one. I did took a risk and  because Steve was coming from USA  2 weeks  ago and got  him to bring me the standard bearings.  I did lost 70$, because i need  -0,01 bearings (the first size after standard check picture above). I am looking to get them in Rio dulce now.

To ilustrirate where am i working:


Grit size table

The following table, compiled from the references at the bottom, compares the CAMI and “P” designations with the average grit size in micrometres (µm).

Grit size table
ISO/FEPA Grit designation CAMI Grit designation Average particle diameter (µm)
Extra Coarse (Very fast removal of material, hardwood flooring initial sanding) P12 1815
P16 1324
P20 1000
P24 764
24 708
P30 642
30 632
36 530
P36 538
Coarse (Rapid removal of material) P40 40 425
50 348
P50 336
Medium (sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, for gentle removal of varnish, also used for skateboard grip tape) 60 265
P60 269
P80 201
80 190
Fine (sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, not suitable for removing varnish or paint from wood, use for cleaning plaster and water stain from wood) P100 162
100 140
P120 125
120 115
Very Fine (sanding of bare wood) P150 100
150 92
P180 180 82
P220 220 68
Very Fine (sanding finishes between coats) P240 58.5
240 53.0
P280 52.2
P320 46.2
P360 40.5
Extra fine, start polishing of wood 320 36.0
P400 35.0
P500 30.2
360 28.0
P600   25.8
Super fine (final sanding of finishes, final sanding of wood) 400 23.0
P800 21.8
500 20.0
P1000   18.3
600 16.0
P1200 15.3
Ultra fine (final sanding and polishing of thick finishes) P1500 800 12.6
P2000 1000 10.3
P2500 8.4
P3000 6
P6000 4


I need to find why oil pressure is low #16B sz2


It looks that this brake will be longer as it was meant.  I want to change. But i do not know how. And i am not doing anything to find it out. I am just waiting.  It will come out by itself. Probably.

In this days i am slowly getting  me ready to solve the problem with low oil pressure.


Now I have enough space to work under the engine. Click on the photo below to see the red arrow.


And sun is on again #15B sz2



#24M sz2

DSC02500  Remember to click on photo.

Normal February day

Testing the posts with also some links.


Tereza has new location.#23M sz2

It is just next to marina management office. I feel much better here.



It’s 7 in the morning.


Test of contributor rights on freonbluewater

We can not know what future will bring, but we have to know what we want.


We are making tests with Aljosa, if he can as contributor edit or delete  posts of others .

The bottom of Tereza is red again #14B sz2



I have bought me drops for eyes #13B sz2



and i am using chamomile to wash my eyes. To much sanding of antifouling today. Without mask. I am crazy. I admit.

After i did paint the first coat of primer,


i did sand all upper surface of antifouling on Tereza .







It is raining today #22M sz2

I am ready for first coat of primer. But now no pictures or videos. And for sure no any poems for this rainy evening.

This is my second sezon in Gutemala.  It means that some people i am meeting again. We are not totally strangers any more.

I did begun to do yoga two days before.

I am cooking more and more each day. Now when i will return to Tereza i will boil me 3 eggs. And i will cook me soup of ….


No, change of plane. there is a lot of people siting around the table in front of office. they are smiling i am going to join them.

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