What’s not working #48

Autopilot. I am holding the control unit (Simrad AP 24 ) and the black box is computer unit (Simrad AC12) and .
When I was checking the equipment it was on when I turned it on , but then was slowly loosing brightens with time and after 10 min it was off completely.
I think that’s because I connected the damaged control unit to computer unit. Water entered to the control unit and … You may see black spot on display. If someone can get me the schematics ….

Alternator. It is not charging. I did some diagnostic from it’s documentation. And blue wire for field should give zero when there is no ignition but I get 4,5V and with ignition I should get from 7 to 12 V, but i get 1,5V. I will have to open it. Maybe there is something that I can do.

Oil leak from transmission. It was already leaking when I was coming from St. Andreas island two years ago. Today when I was running the engine for two hours for more testing transmission also got warm, and begun to leak. I was looking and finally I located the leak. I will write to cruisers forum and ask for instructions.

But also something good happened. I have meet wonderful person few days ago which was leaving today. And he left me bag of food.

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