After 2 months of work I got cold engine to start in 3 sec #49

I decided to rebuild the engine on 25.11.2018, because there was low oil pressure, engine was having hard time to start,strange loud sound in engine from time to time, diesel pump leaking, transmission leaking, all rusted, and… when I was doing first test after coming I let water by mistake to enter in the engine. I connected water for cooling from marina water system supply , but I did not start the engine at once but latter in 8 hours . After I overcome some other difficulties. Water did little by little penetrate behind raw water impeller.

First after reopening of engine I brought crank shaft to Panama city on 1.12. 2018 in mechanic shop for check. It was OK. Then I have spent 14 days to decide what parts to buy, to make arrangements  with  TAD parts and agency Mail Boxes Etc for shipping from Florida to Panama  and then finally I ordered rebuilding kit. On 12.12. 18.  I did got parts from customs on 21.12.18

I had to wait until 2.1. 2019 for Taller cide motor to come back from new year holidays to do the machine work on cylinders and engine head.  On 16.1. I had first start of engine. But then I was carefully making adjustments to have the engine running good today.

Parts were 830$, shipping 60$, 130$ customs, transport to Panama city 100$, machinery work 200$, injectors checking and rebuilding 100$ (that was the reason for strange sound  in engine-injector was quitting temporally ),two month of marina 1100$. All together 2520$.


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