2. Free on blue water

My blog has the name “Free on blue water” because  Pacific ocean was my goal from the start. To sail blue waters. And without having any obligation. But… I don’t like where my thoughts are going… But let’s  be free.  As I am now waiting for the wind and no motoring. So … I was on the way which was soon becoming a disaster. Still I don’t wont to go this way. But I have to. I have hit a riff on my first solo trip on the way from Florida to Cuba. At that occasion the romantic myth  has become an torture. And  rehabilitation is not over yet. And sailing, then  going back from work and returning to sail again, has been showing out not the best practice, because you can find your boat in terrible conditions returning back, as I did. But.. still look at me now. I am doing a solo Atlantic crossing adventure. It is like kind of strategy in chess where you do sacrifice al your figures to win the game. I am writing it down maybe to soon. But I think I have the good strategy. Slowly  and carefully. Rest and eat good. What I did good was at first place my decision to buy Corbin. which is a very strong boat. As I did mention it before, let me tell it  again that the idea was to buy strong, fast and spacious boat. My version of Corbin is a central cockpit. Because I wanted to have two cabins with two toilets. So… I may say that I have condition to succeed, as I have already made trip from Colombia to Mexico this season. It was 10 days and 1000 miles long trip. And all sailing  from Florida, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala and Panama must give me enough experience to go in this adventure.



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