Tereza has got to Horta #11

After little  bit of effort we are again safe at the end of marinas dock. With a good wind we manage to go on with 4.5 knots of average speed also without the jib sail.

I made the contact after anchoring in protected area inside town port. Just next to marina. They were been answering me on canal 16.  As I was having some troubles with my anchor they allowed me to enter marina without the boat insurance.

I have been doing same repairs on windless and now I decided to repair sail by myself.

Today will begin to saw my jib. The sail maker is out of town already two days. So in this two days I studied the situation and after some consulting talks with few sailors, I got to point that  I felt capable to try to do the work by myself.

(Check the photo; you may click on it to enlarge. If you look carefully you might see that the sign on concrete dock  is the same as the *Tereza* name sign on boat  )




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