Entering the Bermuda #T3

In general there is a rule to call Port captain being 5 miles away from port. So I did it.
And in general they are monitoring the canal 16. And Bermuda was no exception. They answered instantly. And they were asking about  number of passengers, passport numbers, Terezas data and they were giving me the instruction to call again once coming to entrance boa for further instructions.
And I called again once I was there.
As first they were explaining me  the map on illustration below.
White arrow shows where is the location of white circle from rectangle which is the cut out of biggest  map of island and is the town center of st. George.
-white circle: Ordnance island
-orange point: custom and emigration office
-green point: town anchorage
I had to dock on Ordnance island(orange point). As I am a solo sailor I asked for help for docking. And officer came out of office and was helping me in person. By the way he was very kind with paper work latter. The entrance tax for Brrmuda is 35$. And that is all I had to pay.
Once, the paper work was done, what took as approximately half of hour, officer
Invited me to step out of office and point me to the  town anchorage (green point). We shake the hand and he welcomed me to St.george and to Bermuda.
Blog no. #T6 will be about St. George and Bermuda in general.

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