3. Why am I crossing the Atlantic ?

Because I don’t have other way to get out. I have to bring Tereza back to Slovenia because she is in bad conditions to put her on the market. Exactly to clarify she is good working conditions but esthetically she is in bad shape. I could sell her in Usa, but for that I would have to go with low price. And each time you have the serous buyer you have to make sea trial, which are always expensive. Just to put the boat in the water and back and then also you need a captain to sail the bout for this test. Otherwise to go and return back for work with intention to work just for limited time period was not possible any more, because my new partners in business were clear. They had offers for big projects. But they were rady to invest in me only if I would agree to commit for long term relationship.
On the other way with this trip I will bring fame to Tereza, And in year or two I should make her presentable. Then I could get honest money for boat of this kind. Still if I am selling her it would be to buy me a house in country side.

What I have find out returning to Panama.

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