Story until now… #3


In August of 2014 I went to USA to buy me a sailing boat.

After 20 days of searching through east cost I did find Tereza (Voyager IV at that time).

After 3 months of preparations  I went to Bahamas and back to Florida where i did lost my passport. I had to go to Washington for new passport and fingerprints.

Then in November I went to Cuba when I did hit a reef.  But damage was not fatal and I could go on to Mexico and Guatemala.  There i did  finish the storry for 2015, but i did also meet some people and made a video for Pass it on.

I went then to work at Germany.

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In January of 2016 I went back to Gutemala to repair Tereza. 

After five months of reparings, in July i went to Utila. It was the first Honduras island of the Bay islands. Soon i moved to Roatan (second island) because Hurricane Earl was coming.

Then i went to Guanaja. Until now i Guanaja was my best experience as traveler on this trip. Nature, great native people and it is not a case that some of wonderful people from rest of the world  have find their new home there. At 24 of august on the 15 anniversary of my grandmothers’ death i decided to move on to complete my  second season in Panama.

Now Tereza is waiting for me in Panamarina. It is one small marina 50 miles from the Panama channel.

I am trying to find me a job as electric engineer somewhere around Europe now. I am not sure when i am going back to Tereza.

Continue with season #3

I am back to Panama now after 2 years.


  1. Kot v telenovelah, prvo pokažejo kaj se je dogajalo v prejšnji sezoni. HAHAHA…
    V kakšnem stanju te je pričakala Tereza? So ti kaj pobrali?

  2. Živijo Sandi

    Stanje Tereze nisem še objavil, ker je obupno. Snemam in slikam. In najbrš bom objavil šele , ko jo spravim v normalno stanje. Dve leti na robu džungle na eni starni na drugi pa močvirje….
    Ogromno vlage. Zaenkrat samo čistim mufo.
    Baterije so tudi za nič.

    LP v Rojce

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