Sailing alone is beautiful 2#S

In the afternoon, sea was calm in marina,  so  i went out to practice.  But outside on the river i had wind. And i had nice time sailing.


And i had also a difficult situation today . I was testing how it looks like to get sails down in 6 knots of wind.

From my GPS:


From the red circle above:


I presume i don’t have to comment the pictures. I was on to start autopilot to keep course while putting down the seals. But then i did not because  i do not know anything about autopilot.We did test autopilot just by pressing buttons for 10 degrees left and right, when boat was in work yard to see if it is working. And that is all.




  1. It is easy to get sails down if you point the prow in the direction of wind ( the boat is stopped in this position) until the sails are not completely lowered and than you can also folded them in calmness. (You do this also when you pick up the sails) You can also use the autopilot in this moment if you do not want to stop the boat, but go in the direction of wind… …sails have to be empty, or just a little in wind, just to prevent to much fluttering of them…

  2. Thank you. I will try again today. The problem was that wind was turning the bout. I will start engine today to keep mowing and use autopilot to go in wind direction.

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