Motoring through the Rio dolce chaneeel 21#S

It was an extraordinary experience. I should have more videos as this. I hope at next season. Some black thoughts like, that I will not get enough money and I will have to sell Tereza on the end, are coming in my mind for some time to time. And I can tell now, I do not care much any more. I am not afraid of it. Because I know it will not happen. How is that I know? It is that I know. And I was thinking that instead buying of Tereza I should buy me a house in Slovenian alps. And live there as king for some time. But… No it is not that kind of life that I want. I want the adventure. I want to fight. I want to….. explore unknown:

You can not easy get to be connected with the stream.
Can you notice the very little presence of it?
This morning.
Stay focused.


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