Tereza is sailing 1#S



Justin has gave me  first lesson about sailing on Tereza. As first we did check all standing ringing and  lines. As i am still working on windless for main anchor, we had to connect rope on  auxiliary anchor. We have took new fire extinguisher and another  life jacket to be ready and…

We went by motoring little out of marina.  And after awhile all sails were on.  Teresa bent little on the left and caught the wind.   I could feel the dragging pull.  I was happy.



  1. I am happy for you, really 😀 I hope you finish the last touches on Tereza as soon as possible and you go to Bahamas, and then relax there for awhile.
    P.S.:Last week, we where in Prague for 3 days with PO Marezige and we had some good time, and just for the record we got a gold plaque (ˇzlata pasmaˇ) in Czech hehe 😀

  2. Hey captain!
    Isn’t a kind of magic, the peace, that comes in moment, when the wind fills the sails… than you can hear rhythmic splashing of water , the power of ropes and the ding-ding-ding of cables… like a sweet symphony…
    So happy 4 you:)

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