Until the evening 42#M

evening was okay. Then i did get again strong pain in my tooth. Again because it did happen 2 days ago. But it won’t go away any more from then. Now i am eating three kind of pills. And the dentist did told me that i need to get root tunel. Which will cost me 600 $ dollars. So easily my budget is going down rushing toward zero. Maybe i will have to go home already next month. I can not beleiwe,…, but  i will have to start search for airline ticket and dry storage for Tereza in Guatemala.




The dark area on the photo above is draging me on my knees.

Now i am on point when life is becoming chalange. It looks that i will have to go to Cancun to bay me an mixer. For now it would be better if i eat only fluid food. Maybe i will have to risk and go on as it is.

O .. O…. i can not find the video on my USB key. Maybe i will upload it from Tereza later.


And here it is:

Sailing again.

And as you my see on the video the day was not so bad until tooth pain in the evening. I will say here that I do not care what some guys might think about. It is big responsibility to have people onboard. And it takes brave  heart and clear mind. I will repeat here being captain is a big think.

I know it would be good to wait and think more about what worlds would be right to use here. But no time for this, Terezas batteries are more important. Tereza is my life. So I will have to finish this post now.

just another thing. I want to say hello Corbin 39 Owners Group on this opportunity. And also i will add, that i am happy to had made  decision to buy the Corbin 39. Because even  from the small experience which i have got until now i will say that is great boat. And that it was right choose.




  1. I see you have some tough and painful challenges. Your financial resources are running out and you are thinking about aborting the project and going home. Hmmm maybe there is an alternative to that? Maybe you can get Tereza out of the water and find a job for some months and fix Tereza to be ready to proceed. Now you have a more clear picture what is sailing and what needs to be done on the boat. Or maybe there is a third option…
    good luck!

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