Tereza was my grandmother 16#M

When I had to give name to my boat,  I had not to think much about it. Tereza was my grandmother. I want all people to know, that I am sorry, that I did not take care of her, before she died as I  promised. She was taking care of me when I was a child.

We were arguing almost each day after I went home  from work. And at an moment she decided to go to my uncle, as she had also used to do it  from always. But then when she want to return buck, I sad no.

She was asking for me, but i did hide.

I did not said by  to her. When I did it was to late, she could not recognize me.

I want to take Tereza as far possible, so much people can know about my sorrow and learn from it.


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  1. Oh, that’s sad. The motive for your journey is sad. And noble, yes noble.
    Maybe you shoudn’t dwell on this anymore.
    You see, nothing lasts forever, nor do people. That is just the way life is. And you said life is your coach…so listen to it!
    Next to think about is, don’t you think you payed your debt already, you did take Tereza far and she did see many places.
    Than, at last, do you think your grandmother would really like you to punish yourself that much for so long? Didn’t she want you to be happy?
    If unfortunatelly the answer was no, than you did the right thing at the beginning, you never owed her. Why wasn’t she happy with you the way you were…what did she want from you? If in some unfortunate case you were the problem causer and you was the one who was always annoyed and nagging about her, you still need to forget about that. It’s past and one should not live in past. It’s not healthy to live in the past, …you get disconnected with the present.
    I believe nobody realy owes nothing to any other person. Be free. Be free of blame.
    My last question: do you realy want, you realy decided to dedicate your whole life to sorrow?

    Think about it one more time, please.

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