Summary #41M sz2


I did recheck my previous post, add some links and renamed it’s category from “epilog” to “Summary”.
And you will find it also as last rubric in main menu.

It was raining again yesterday from 16;00 to 22;00. This hard rain makes me get headache.

I was working onle one hour today; sealing one window which was leaking.

I went to town for internet caffee. I did also take an book (Hypnotize yourself) with me. I will try to find me an spot where could i read. I can not concentrate.but i will have to find me a way to survive this strange times. It is only that the climate is hard now. And i am not realy used to live without anything to do.

But let me say hello to all you my friends an wish you a great day, or good ewenning, or for you in Asia and Australia “sweet dreams”.

And i did almost forgot . I did check Slovenian translation (check  squere shape with red eage line under the main photo at right side of the screen) for some of last post. Forgive me if it is still hard to read, but i am happy if you can guess the meaning.



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