So is time to say good by #58M sz2

from Tereza. But let me do it slowly,  ….  in next days.

As it is moment of true.,.. let me start from first. I am waiting for money over Wester union. I have to borrow it. And i do not know yet if i wil pay for 6 monts in advance for marina or only part of if.

In last rain i did left my camera out on rain while sailing and is not working any more. Now i can use only my tablet which has so bad resolutioin and the photos are of pure quality. So i do not have any wish for sharing.

My mood is blue. Even if i am discovering some thrues about life. “Life is not a cheese pai”. As it would say a good friend. Some trues, which should bring positivity.

So to make you understand what it is abut. There are some simple rules. Do not complicate. Keep it simple. Do not mix shit, because it will stink even more. To be a sailor is not something that you can do without experience. Sure you can do it, but you will have lot of problems. Just read my story. And somehow i think, that it should change now for me now. I am at Panama. 100 miles from sandblast islands. I need just go for work and return with money to enyoy 1000 of small  islands and  lobsters food.  So maybe i will just sail around Panama next season.

Tereza is fine.If i want to go over the Pacific i will have to invest at least 5000$. I hope to not find everything rust next year. As here in Panama is raining every day. Actualy also now is raining.




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