My Garmin GPS is working again.16#S

Sailing from Los Moross Cuba to Isla mujeres Mexico

I got to know Jim while we had emergency. At the end we were also people from four boats there to help. And probably was my fault. But i could also be not. Because the other boat Jim did told me was the third time that was draging around. The fact is that my anchor and anchor of the another sailing boat were trap together while they were draging in strong wind. It did come unexpectedly just while i was returning from shore from port captain ofice. I was there for check in to Mexico. Also then the rain begun to fall. I did climb fast on Tereza and start to pull out the anchor while Marko did alreday start the engine before and trying to set the distance from the other boat. I did took Marko aboard one day before leaving Cuba. He was looking for ride to Mexico and i was thinking about that help onboard is alwas welcomed. It has come out that he is also a good cook.



So to return to the story. When i did got anchor out i could see that was stuck to other boat chain and anchor. Wind was blowing and rain was falling i was wet to skin and fighting to separate anchors between them. And in the end i did. As soon other anchor felt in the water i could hear woman screaming. It was because at once the other boat start to move fast in wind direction toward coast. But soon the boat did stop.I could notice that there was no other on the boat as the lady. I stand there until the storm went down and it was sicure to go with dinghy on waves. Then i went to other boat. I did ask the woman if i could help. She was answering that she was not able to drive the boat because she was alone and first day aboard. I did climb on the boat and soon did figure out that i could also not, because it was totaly diferent from Tereza. The wind went down but i was not sure how safe we were, because if wind would start blow again and in wrong direction, we could find as hiting the dock.

So again i did forgat the name of the lady as i always forget the names. But anyway we agreed that she might ask help over the radio and soon Jim was there. He did start the engine and after minuts teh boat owner did come. And he was not sure what was happening because already in that moment there were also another two sailor aboard. But he noticed that engine was running. And he did switch the cooling sistem on at once. He did say that in ten minutes the engine would be destroyed without cooling.To concloude once we were safe i did apology that it was probably my foult. The other captain boat did said that it was ok.

What to say now. It is getting out that i did underestimated how such a large could be to be a sailing boat captain on cruising. And day before yesterday, i was so down that i was not sure any more if i am alright. I did felt so depressed. That why i did turned down Ronalds invitation to go for diner and maybe some fun after.

I could say now that it was my recognitization that i have a serious problem. Now i have time to stop for i while, rest and plan my route toward Gvatemala. Tereza is not leaking anymore from the hull on bottom of keel. There is some little leaking in front cabin and maybe i will take some action to solve it in next future. But as you might see on attached video on youtube:

Sailing from Los Moross Cuba to Isla mujeres Mexico

Tereza is safe for hard sea also.My intention is to procede toward Gvatemala. Hull out  Tereza  there, take a trip in mountains for a month. In meantime Tereza should be dry to procede with sanation work on hull.

And to return to my Garmin. Jim did give me another SD card and i am okay with navigation now.



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