I may see my blog trafic is going down 57#M

 as euro is. Maybe it is time to do something new. I am again deep in programming (click on picture:”Get in control “at the right of this blog). It is today that i am again at point after 3 days of frustrations, that my head is hurting as i would have aluminum paper around my brain. And it is not important what i am actually doing.I will talk more about fighting to survive. But again i do not know what to write about it, because i am  totally burnt. That’s why i will leave it for some another day.

I will jump to this morning experience on flea market. I did sold my wind generator, which i did pay 330$. I did got 100$. I did sold it without regulator. I did burnt it at Isla mujeras when i was trying to measure current, together with one guy, who was buying it from me at that time. After that i went to town for food. For 5$ i can live all day. Today i did bought  also cockroaches trap for another 8$. I did had enough yesterday of it. When i did come to Tereza at evening, i did turn light on and i could see two of them on table. One was big as half of my smallest finger. So: war to cockroaches.

And i was then surprised from some kind of parade going on main road. I will attach picture letter . I am charring camera battery  now. Guatemala, has a lot to give to an tourist. Vulcan mountains with great landscapes, jungle and Mayan culture. But at this moment it is as far from me as it is from you. No money no funny. And do not think that i am writing now because i am praying for money. I am writing as it is. But things change. Everything changes. And when we want to get somewhere, we have to be flexible and choose from life, and use what life gives as to get there.

Okay. It is enough for today.

And sorry for the picture. My battery did died, after couple of seconds of filming. After restarting i did have power just for one photo. It was a great event. So better little of it, that nothing.


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