I have found shalter in litle town of Carloforte

After  loosing of autopilot alrday few days before, I was not able then to sail that night with the storm. It was still dark when  I decided to move. I have started the engine to face the wind and to put the main sail out. But at one moment  front sail line, which had  fell down somehow during the storm got stuck around the propeller shaft and  shot down the engine at  instant. Considering that I could not use the engine  or sails any more I had to send an SOS message.

The Garmin assistance had  replayed that they could only provide assistance for me as a person  and I was instructed that I will have to abandon Tereza and look then for another service to pull her  to the port. That was something that I could not accept at that point. I took my snorkeling equipment out, put a line around my chest, tied me to Tereza and dived to free the propeller shaft. I could not untie the line so I returned with a knife. And I succeed.  Then I had started the engine, begun to motor and  I have  put the front sail on. Just couple of minutes latter I got the call on the radio from costal guard.  I had gave them the update with new status and canceled the help request: “I will not abondon my boat. I can make course to nord. I will continue” . . So they left me continue as they were seeing while aproching that I could saill  and that I  was able to continue.

I was then alson canceling the SOS request from Garmin asistance. But there was still red arrow on my tracking Garmin  page, showing me being in trouble. Soon I  got the message from a friend on my satellite phone:”what is going on? Are you ok?” I answered:”I was calling for help but I canceled it. I am ok. ”

Then in the next hour I was gaining speed and I took also the main sail and jib on. But then turbulence from rain not far from me, pick up strong wind and Tereza lay down on the side  taking enormous wind  pressure. And the sail exploided at next wave hit.

Then long moment of emptines come.

I rolled the sail back and took my satelite phone in hand again to call for sos again.

Still hesitaiding and  wondering if it us realy over, …, i got message from dear friend:”Do not give up now  as you are so close to land. Corage!”


After that I sat behind the wheel and I was staring for 9 hours until  I got to Isola DI San Pietro at Sardegnia. I had switched the engine off beeing safe and waited untill next morning. Then in  decided to motor to main island of Sardinia. But view of the port of Carloforte took my attention. And even knowing being closer to major island and city of Caglari would insure me  better conditions for sanation, I changed my course to Carloforte.



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