I am still working #2M sz2

but i should be over soon. Then i have just to go to dentist, buy me a new steering cylinder axle, some other stuff for Tereza, …. do some promotion in media… and …
and… ja, i would like to go back to Atitlan lake in Guatemala as first for charging of batteries,… i am quite exhausted. You are probably curious what was i working and how much money did i got. But it is not about it here. It is about living for ideals. And as i am talking now… i will tell also why i did not quit.  It does not mater how hard it is , but it is important for me how  intense it is in general. All together is giving me reason for living.

More down the way. And again pleas share your opinion in comments.

And in main menu i did add also “Music” category or for random listening  click on the play button in upper right corner.For now is only me singing and playing on guitar. I did meet also some musicians  and i will ask them to contribute some of theirs talent to …. entertain you. And me? I am enjoining building something outside  of traditional. Maybe one day i will become writer. But lets try not to forget  that i have some  work to do before reentering in water  with my dear Tereza. And … you know…  i am happy to be here.

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