Hello from #12M sz2

Frankfurt aeroport.


And now i am on the terrace of Teatro hostel in Gutemala city. Local time is 4:49 while my watch is shoving 11:49. I did sleep for 3 hours. I could not do it any more because someone was snoring in the bed under me.

The trip was fool of….. impressions of greatness  and people. Someone interacting with me and some just leaving signs of being aware of me and other noticing that i am aware of them. I will not spend time explaining what’s the difference. Why… Because of luck of coffee and  of being nervous listening of fast  morning traffic and cocks singing and being tired. And you know, i was saying that i am bringing different me, with me this time.  Can i  follow  the decision to be happy? Can i have fun? Let me try.

To get back to the point about describing the trip. I can say that i did manage it good  in contrast with the start. Can you imagine my face after releasing the train door handle after running with bags and computer with train. Yes i was chasing morning  train in the Trieste at 6:10. I can bet a beer that i would be smiling if i could see it. Yes,  for sure when it would it be case, to not take it personal. As you may see i am one of pig kind of person, which is laughing on misfortune of others. But again… let’s leave it as it is.  No,… i am going crazy now. I would like to finish this blog and go to do anything else, but there is not much to do when is still dark and everybody is sleeping. Ok, back again. I did manage then to get aboard of fast train without ticket at 6:16 and get  to Marco polo aeroport in time. And by the way i have to say thanks to Dean Plahuta (I will say hello also to Dean Jerman, and also to Rajko Jerman- also to you- by the way) which did bring me to  Trieste and i  was so in hurry, that i did  forgot to give him for the gas. I can see him now he would say: ” Do not worry you will pay me….” . I hope so. And also i am hoping i will not. Hoping to newer come back again in my miserable life, which i am now running from.”Am i having fine?” “Terribly.” Hurting people which loves me and is now reading. Love, where are you, in which ocean are you staying? Universe have mercy of me. The day did born now. I can see the orange tree and stinging wire on the roof.

Ok. Lets go back again. Why bust ticket to aeroport has to cost 8 euro and normal bus ticket for a local transportation has to cost, i do not know how much but for sure much more less? Anyway in Frankfurt we had to go over the customs. And then the 11 hours long flight did begun. Mexico city is huge. I had to take airbus to bring me to terminal 2 and ask, and ask again for new boarding pass, to finally get in time for boarding for Gutemala. And then the question, should i declare all stuff which i am caring with me on the custom paper which i did get on plane? What to do? I did ask nice stewardess on the plane? And they were saying: ” We don’t know. We are normally not doing it?”. So this time i was not stupid. I was quiet. Then i was faster then others . I was first with recovering  of baggage and  in the line in front of baggage checking machine and had get advantage of mass of people coming behind of me finding custom employer little bit under pressure. So i just went around machine picking bags and left without moment of hesitating. I did pay then without having any trouble taxi driver 10$ when hostel door did open, thankful to be safe.

Now. I do not know. Maybe look to have some fun. Maybe try to sleep more to not to do mistakes and lose courage, for which i did  piss blood last half of year.





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  1. Vso srečo, in predvsem mirnih dni, da boš predvsem užival.
    p.s. Pa hvala za pozdrave…

    So good luck and peaceful days to maximal enjoy…

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