And on the end i will keep my tooth. 45#M

That was my last decision.  The first root channel is done, at satherday i have another apointment for the other. The dentist will put me  temporaly crown which it is for free. I will have to pay just half and put then the real crown when i will get home.

So… what i can say…  it will cost me, but i think that…is time for me to live better.

Today i did went to sail repair place to bring my stailsail to be repared. I will exchange the work for the zipper that i have bought in  America for  main sail bag to keep sail off the son. I have find that i do not need zipper. It is even better just without it with old system. I did pay for it 25 $ in America.

I was thinking that you need more about the island things. And try to be less  egocentric.




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