A this moment the wind is blowing 15#M

A this moment the wind is blowing from 115 degree and it is exactly parallel to next 100 miles of route that I want to do or saying differently I will prey that it changes a least for 45  so I can go without having to do tack  And also exactly in this moment one mosquito is  flaying around my head. I am hungry again. Something went wrong in my last sailing passage also in my biological nutrition system. I am almost always hungry. I am eating in marina 3 times a day for free with marina employers. I am cooking in my boat and sometimes I even go to eat in hotel. It is all inclusive so once you are in you can go to snack bar and ask for hamburger. Today I have got an offer for 25 cigars for 25 dollars. The first prize was 30 but after I sad I do not smoke it went 25. The guy was telling me weary politely with big cooking spoon between rotating the hamburger that I could give it to my friends. I was not in mood to explain that probably I will not see any of my friends for long time. It might be because I did almost lose my boat and that are still probabilities that it will happen anyway . So I told him  that i do not have money.  Guy went disappointed and seriously looking in my eyes slowly saying each word   “You do not have money”. I have made a silly face and answered “sorry”. It was good that I did exchange  one American dollar to one Cuban dollar to him  and that I have add also one for tip before. And that hamburgers were cooked at that time so i picked my plate asked if I could take also some tomato salad as I did ask for rum and banana sweets minutes ago. But this time I got negative answer. So I did sigh with hand that is not important. And just turned around and went to set and did eat my hamburger with and looking at one long legs lady sitting near to pool. I am without glasses so I had pretty of work to establish if she was also looking at me. The food was magic, so I soon forgot about lady and I focused on what could be so tasty in that peace of food me  holding in my arms.

I was saying last time that people does not know what means 2 meters of waves and 20 knots of wind. I was thinking that I have to explain that 2 meters of waves are 4 meters from top to bottom.

And for the record. I am working on my cylinder but no progress. I am just doing bad tries but maybe it will turn okay and I will get to next port to solve the solution. I am now in tourist hotel are with weary les possibilities for boat reparation

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