A critical mind would say then: #39M

( bom popravil Slovenski prevod tudi za prejssnje pisanje takoj ko bom na raccunalniku)


Why did you start this without any experience?

My last job was to find solutions for problems in the area wich many times i was not familiar with. I have experience with learning. So, i am not scared from new things.

But you did almost lose your boat and kiled yourself!

That was because i did lost my faith in myself at one point  and i surrendered to idea that i am a loser. But it will newer hapen again.


  1. Ola
    you gained so much experience to survive alone on boat in so short time, that someones would need a whole life to achieve it. In fact, for someone, entire life is not enaugh…
    Keep your ears nears locals and try to get seamans knowledge how they sail there, winds,
    It’s not just the final work, it’s the process to get ther very INTERESTING and graceful; you have the whole time of your life.
    Keep good pace, don’t start more repair projects than you are still able to do. Bravo!

    Vse dobro vsem

    1. This year I did made some strategic mistakes, which did tie me to shore. So it did went out that I did not had much of adventure, If I do not count 4 day trip to Utila (Honduras) and some testing trips at Isabel lake.

      I will write now an blog to answer to your

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