What now 19#me

It looks that i can get insurance in Mexico. 285$ for 2 months. But only for Mexico. Here in Havana i can get plastic to work on Terezas hull, but if i will have some mechanic complications  on  propulsion, then it can become  a problem. Guatemala is maybe to far and i can not take any more.The idea  that Tereza has cracks with water coming inside is depressing me.  Lets wait until tomorrow.

marina gavana

Swimming poll is part of hotel and not marina but nobody complains that I am going to swim in pool each day. It is just across the street. It relaxes me.

hemingway tereza

I am paying marina 20$ at day. I could get 2 pineapples for 1 dollar today. I eat sugar just from fruit. During  the day i did some work on the boat. I have got my salt water pump back from electric mechanic. I did install it, but still some problems about it. In the evenings i am spending time making of videos.  I should upload them in Mexico. My neighbor Roland on Shierly is resting after week of partyes. Caterin did left for Germany yesterday. We have meet locals at new year evening but i did not went out with them as Roland and Caterin did. They are asking what is wrong, do i not like the Cuban people. I am telling just that i can not be in company of drunk people and me not drinking.


After all my misfortunes I am on something  more than 5000$. And after costs of reparation I will be even more down. So I am in stress  from awhile. But maybe I can organize my future by coming  back with Tereza  to Slovenia and  work. I do not want to leave her hear. And also the airplane ticket is not necessary then. And then return in next winter.

cuban people

Yea, it is just the idea and the summer is 1000 miles away. There are 2 questions about it, can I come to Slovenia with American registration and stay normally and also is it summer  right time for it? And as I remember the Mediterian  can be difficult in winter. Without google I am blind. I am writing now on my PC and I will go latter  in hotel to upload it. So good night.

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