MyObjectNote is my software to monitor an system

I did made an application for windows to help you monitor thing,s which you have  to take care about. It can be used in personal life, but it was rely made to help you in professional – business environment. You can get all information  on MyObjectNote page.

Next is an professional review of it: Softpedia, FreeWareFiles an on CNET.

Working with many objects  with many properties, which are parts of an specific system, can be difficult to process without organized approach. With MyObjectNote You will use background picture as visual interpretation of system. And You will create shapes as representation of system objects. Each shape gets specific color in base of status it has and objects may use alarms to notice about task to perform.

MyObjectNote is a easy to use piece of software whose main purpose is to assist you in neatly organizing the numerous items that make up the complex systems you work with, enabling you to monitor them and any changes they might withstand.

Again take a few minutes to check  this my  software  on MyObjectNote page.


Simple of application for Windows.

Here is simple of application for windows.

By clicking on button “Click here”

click here_love

you get message box : ” I Love You”.



And here is exe file. Just open and click on it.

Darling (386.5 KiB, 216 downloads)


And here is all project for Delphi IDE ( you can open and  modificate it
as You want).

DelphiLove (202.4 KiB, 123 downloads)


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