Sunday in Rio duce #39B sz2

In the morning i was working then in the afternoon i was working too. Tomorrow i will work also. Thats life on Tereza.

As Aljossa was saying (an comment from some posts back) , I will not start any new project for now. And … I can say with great pleasure that this was last work in  sanation of Tereza from reef damage.

Once Thomas will bring me engine mounts from Usa, I will change them. But he is having problems with some kind of infection after the operation on his eye. So it can be that he is not coming so soon.

As you may se things are turning on to scenario which I do not like. I will have to leave Tereza and  go home  for work.  I do not have more money to show you  sailing adventures. You will have to wait  how things will turn out in the future.

When I was coming here this year I had a plan to sale Tereza, if I would find that I can not manage to direct sailor life.  But I do not have  this information. I can  only imagin about puting sails on, at Pacific side of Panama now. And this picture is coming back to my mind again and again it is already for awhile now:

Giving me purpose and strength to go on.






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