Little bit of history 65#B

From storage to working area:

It was 21.08.2014 when we did bring Tereza (still Voyager 14 at that time ) from dry storage to working area in Green cove springs marina.

I will say thank you and  hello to Denis, Cristal, Tracy, Steven,R, …. Jim, Janos,Patrique, Dave… at this opportunity. It was hard for me to understand difference of American way of thinking. But I think that for them I was 100% crazy.

In marina I could get all stuff for painting  and I could order anything what I did need from office. Also I could get to town in 10 min with bicycle to buy me missing tools. And there was also machinery shop at the Marina entrance from the main road. Chuck, could do whatever I was needing.

Jim and Janos were bringing me around for diesel or groceries. And there were my neighbors and friends Ray with Berny and Jonathan. I remember Ray saying: ” Hej , hej! Ivan. How is your day today?”, if I was not around. But typically I was asking for answers and suggestions   and advise already in the morning. And Jonathan was also great, he did even lend me couple of time his Jeep to run when I  did need it urgently.

Yes, I can say that Gran cove springs marina is my home port. And this should change. Who knows which other great places I will run into, and I will may say on the end, for the place i will be in that time: “This is my last home port.”

I could be also negative at this point. But no, not this time. Thank you.

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