Let’s go on. #12B sz2

I will have to learn to smile. New philosophy. I was at that shop 10 times and asking about prices of paint at list 3 times and about Transocean primer.  If i would smile they might find me as “simpatico” (nice)  and they would tell:” It is just that we do not have paint now. But we well get it at…”

So, back to work. there is another Corbin 39 in the boatyard.  Check the green line (and it is also one great movie) on picture.


On Tereza  i did mark   where


i have to add more layers of fiberglass to get to previous shape. The first one is already on. If you click on photo below to enlarge you will see Contour_lines to illustrate another 4 layers which i will add.

kill new

This is the area where reprobates to hit the ground at first are the biggest. That is why it has to be stronger as other lower surface of kill is.There are 8 layers now + 4 i will get to approximately between 2.5 a 3 cm = more than one inch of thickness.


  1. I know Jasna (the author) by person. And from time to time i ask her for advice. But i did not thought that she did wrote such a good book.
    Check my blog : I did meet today Nike #4P sz2.
    there is a link to Jasnas blog page.

    I would like to have that book. Shipment to Gutemala from Slovenia it would take time and money. So i will maybe ask my friends here in Guata if they know someone who is coming from USA. I am registered at Amazon.

    (about the link: do you have option to edit your post? Me as administrator can edit the post, but i do not know for users. I am going to check now.)

    Thank you

  2. Hi
    If you like I can send it and borrow it to you. It’s not a problem, time is on our side.
    And when you read it, return it when and if you come to Slovenia.
    Basically, it describe the minimum to have on sv for maximum enjoyment in life.
    And I checked, I can not edit my posts.

    Vse dobro

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