Injection pump test #35B sz2

did fine for 5 min. No more leaking.


I can tel that i feel a huge relief. But i am considering now, that is not a good idea to run the engine with this vibration to not damage metal pipe connections on injection pump  between engine and pump and to be at the same point again. I will try today to analyze option to see if i can do something to locate source of vibration before running of engine for longer time. Maybe i will not have to change all 4 engine mounts.

Thomas  (friend from Usa) is coming to Rio in 10 days and he can bring me whatever i buy over the internet and send him before 23.6. So, i am considering to buy an engine mount and send it to him.  And also a tablet for backup GPS would save me some worries.

And people – friends, am i becoming to frustrated to read? I can see with google analytics that my web traffic is going down. You can help me out with this by “calling me”.

I know, it is:” You will get what you give”. But it is the same for you.

So, to my personal list of roles i will add:

  1. Do not never throw diesel or oil in ocean
  2. “Newer look back”
  3. Give and you will get back

And yesterday when i was observing lightning before the storm (it is going on each every day now) it did come on my mind that on Tereza i have also earthing wires. so, there they are. I did use them on main 3 rigging lines.



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