I was clining today #33

and had took fown  tape from painting edge:

On Shore

And  had my third  favorite food for supper for 3$:


I like to drink water, i like to swim in the water. I like to go under the water. And my most beautiful dream was as next:
I was swimming with my friends from ever. And at the moment they wanted to go back. And i was insisting let’s go more far in the deep. So we went more. At the moment my friends stopped again and when they saw me not stopping they begun to shout at me that we must go back. But i did not care. I was going on. And soon i could not hear them any more. Then i went under the water. It was sand on  the sea bottom. Flat sand. Sun rays were playing through the water. And i saw her. She was beautiful, shining. She was calling me. And i went deeper. And then i have realize that i have no need to breath any more. And i was happy, so happy that i wake up.

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