I shuld have relaxing period next 10 days #37B sz2

before i get engine mounts from USA.  I can make order and clean on Tereza and……

I am here in Guatemala now 5 months.  I will do some calculation now.  What part of my life period it is. As first, let me decide how long i will live. Number 71 looks nice to me.  Now i have 46 . So it is 25 years more. 25 years have 300 months.  300/5 = 60.  What is equal to one day in 2 months period. It looks to me that i have much left.  If i would like to have a child it would be time now. To support him grow to age of 25. But with who could i born it? With Tereza? Hm, … It will not work? But in 25 years i could bring Tereza over the Pacific.




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