I have got injection pump back #34B sz2


And tomorrow it will go on with work.

Yesterday we had also storm with strong wind before night. Today much less wind , but lighting was striking twice very close to Tereza.

Anyway…. time is going by. I did not write any poem is quite long… and also i will not now.

When i think about home, family, friends … i do not know. Much often now thought crosses my mind that i am out now. Out of …. all. And i do not know what to think.

I am little depressed because last time when an mechanic was coming to Tereza (i was looking for him because i did need help with I. pump), he did notice anomaly sound in engine.  I know about it,…  but  i am hoping in miracle – that it will get good somehow.

And another bad news i did lost my wallet on a bus when i was going to Atitlan lake month ago. I had my visa electron in it. I did cancel it , but to late. Some people did eat at McDonalds, but they could not withdraw money without pin number at cash machine. I did not told anything before because i was too ashamed.

So to get back about home…  I am sorry that i did fail.

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