“I have a lot to learn” #10

about everything is what i learned today.  I have meet new people from the morning on. Patrick has showed me about bottom works that i have to do before putting the boat back in water. I can not talk about it now, because i have forgot all the terms. And there is my good neighbor Ray. We have took a look to Teresa and discuss about what do i need for solo sailing. And in the afternoon i had appointment with Captain Rick. He have  license for  captain  services. He has showed me essential about the water system, about electricity and toilets on Teresa. And he had me explained what kind of main sail do i need for solo sailing.

Today i did very little physical work.  Before evening i made little trip with bicycle to buy me some food and i have meet “beautiful” grasshopper.



  1. Yes, you have to learn fast and with a step learning curve. But don’t worry if you’ll miss something out now, you will find out later… with a chance to learn with even a more step learning curve 🙂 
    Give your best and enjoy it!

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